Owner Manual for 2008 Alpha Sun / Virtual Sun AS30-PB


Please note that this introduction page is not part of the original owners manual and may be deleted if you choose.

The 2008 AS30 model tanning bed uses a different relay/contactor than previous years, thus the wiring diagram is somewhat different.  Please do not use this manual for beds that utilize a Telemachanique relay system.  This only applies to units that use the Potter & Brumfield relay.  This new relay system is smaller, sealed and extremely reliable.  While the old relays are still quality parts, we felt the additional cost of the new relay was worthwhile.

Owners of 2007 and older AS30 tanning beds should not use this manual and can call for a replacement owners manual for a small fee to cover shipping and handling.  There may be a copy of this manual on this website for free.

Page numbers in the manual may not corespond with page numbers in this online version, which counts the cover/inside/back as a page.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-274-1744.  Thank you.

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