Technical Bulletin #6 - Installing a T-Max on a SunMaster Commercial Tanning Bed

This is a technical document to assist you in installing a T-Max single remote timer on any of the SunMaster Commercial Series tanning beds to date. To accomplish this task, you will need a SunMaster "pigtail" that came with the tanning bed, or a replacement from the manufacturer, and a T-Max timer.  Note: You will NOT be using the phone wire that is included with the T-Max timer, as this is used ONLY for low voltage installations. You will need some basic tools. You should remove the bed from all power while working on the tanning bed.

The newer model SunMaster beds have a port of the back of the bed that comes with two different plugs: a shorting plug, which is a small plug that allows the onboard timer to function, and a pigtail, which is a length of wire that allows you to use a remote timer and disables the onboard timer. These two different configurations use two different PINS in the 4 pin port. You should only use OEM plugs and pigtails, and these are easily replaced by SunMasterUSA if lost or damaged at 1-800-274-1744.

The two wires from the pigtail will go to the T-Max at the J3 connection, which uses set screws. The inside of the T-Max is shown below.
TMAX connection

Once all the connections are made and the proper wire has been routed safely, the onboard timer will no longer function, but the main power ON/OFF switch will act as an emergency switch. The tanning bed will not operate without either the shorting plug or TMax/pigtail combination installed. Be sure to KEEP the shorting plug, as it will allow you to do maintenance and debugging in an easier and faster fashion because you will be able to use the onboard timer instead of the remote system, in the event service is ever required.

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