Technical Bulletin #5a - Installing a T-Max on the AS30VL-PB

Note! This bulletin ONLY applies to the PB version of the bed, which has a remote timer plug with FIVE pins, NOT seven. If your bed has a 7 pin remote timer plug, you should instead read the bulletin on the regular AS30 found here.

This is a technical document to assist you in installing a T-Max single remote timer on the Alpha Sun 30 VL-PB (AS30PB).  This are the units sold in 2008 and newer. To accomplish this task, you will need a AS30PB tanning bed, a T-Max timer and a "pigtail" of wire capable of carrying 240VAC from the bed to the room remote switch. Note: You will NOT be using the phone wire that is included with the T-Max timer, as this is used ONLY for database installations. You will need some basic tools, in particular, a very thin standard screwdriver.

The AS30 has a removeable "shorting plug" on the back of the bed. This is a black square that will clip and unclip to the bed. This allows the onboard timer to work, and will be rewired to allow the use of the remote timer. Once the remote is wired, the onboard timer will no longer work, and instead, the on/off button will function.

Once you remove the shorting plug, you will remove the 2 screws to the cover of the shorting plug. You will notice that two of the points inside are "jumped". You will remove this jump wire by using the small screwdriver on the set screws from points 1 and 2, and placing it to the side (shown red in image, but likely is brown in your plug). You will use locations 3 and 4 to go to the remote timer using wire that is capable of carrying the 240V load (the amp draw is very small, so gauge is not an issue). See image below for example.

Remote timer schematic for the AS30

The two wires from the shorting plug will go to the T-Max at the J3 connection, which also uses set screws. (Remember, this will carry 240V, so use the proper wire and NOT the phone wire that came with the T-Max). The inside of the T-Max is shown below.
TMAX connection

Once all the connections are made and the proper wire has been routed safely, replace the two screws in the cap of the shorting plug and reinstall it on the tanning bed. The tanning bed will not operate without this plug being installed.

Coin operation / Access Restriction

In very rare circumstances, it may be desirable to configure the bed for coin operation or for access restriction using an exterior control system (not included). This type of operation is not legal for commercial use in regulated states.

In this mode of operation, two wires are sent to a control unit which allows the system to be operated. This exterior unit can either control the time or simply allow the bed to operate in a PERMIT / DENY mode. The onboard timer is fully operational and the client has full control of the session time, and the on/off button is also fully operational. If you are not sure that this is the right configuration for you, very likely it is not and you should refer to the above diagrams.

To use this configuration, remove the jumpers from the shorting plug, and instead run wires from jump position 1 and 4. When these two wires are connected (continuity exists) then the bed can be operated unrestricted. When these two wires are open (no continuity) then the system will not operate. Please note that these jump points only work for this particular model.

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