Technical Bulletin AS-3

Modifying the AS30 acrylic supports to prevent striping

About 30 model AS30VL tanning beds were shipped using an alternative support configuration in the bench of the tanning beds. The result was an increased chance that the tanning bed could "stripe" customers. Because the AS30VL uses RUVA lamps, this was amplified and about half of the customers have noticed this effect. This Technical Bulletin will explain how to determine if your bed is affected, and outline an easy fix.

First you need to determine if your bed is affected. While looking at the bench of the tanning bed, if you see 3 lamps between each support, in a 3/3/3/3/3 configuration, then your bed is not affected, and no action is needed.

If you bed has a 2/3/5/3/2 configuration, then modification is needed. Total time for modification is 30 minutes to 60 minutes, depending upon your level of familiarity with working with tanning beds. It does not require any extra parts. You may want to print this sheet out so it is handy while you do the modification.

For reference, here is a photo of the modification for printing. You may need to use "landscape" mode to get the photo to print properly.

Tools needed: Felt tip pen. Drill. Small drill bit. Phillips screw driver.

Step 1  Begin by removing the bench acrylic. This is done by removing the 6 screws in both navy blue acrylic retaining strips. Lift one edge of the front strip, and gently work it loose toward the other end. It is best if you have two persons to lift the acrylic out of the bed, and move it out of the way for now.

Step 2  Remove all the lamps from the bench of the tanning bed. As they are bipin lamps, just twist 90 degrees and remove. Put them to the side, out of the way. You will need a couple of lamps later on to refit the strips.

Step 3  Remove the 4 white acrylic support strips. Each has 3 self tapping screws that hold it. Put them to the side.

Step 4  Counting from the front of the bed, insert a lamp in the 3rd slot. This is your reference lamp for the first support. Take a support, and place in next to the lamp, with the short tab facing the BACK of the bed. Position it correct in the left/right plane. Place it so it is about 1/4 inch away from the lamp (very close). Now mark a new hole in the CENTER position using a felt tip pen. Be sure to put the mark OVER the center steel support. It is square tubing, about 3/4" square.

Step 5  Move the support out of the way and drill this first hole using a bit smaller than the screw. You may want to remove the lamp first.

Step 6  If you removed the lamp, replace it now. Put the support into place and attach the center screw, insuring the small tab is facing the back of the bed, and that the support is still close to the lamp. Be sure to check your right/left orientation as well before you fully tighten.

Step 7  With the lamp installed, and the center screw firmly attached, you now have a reference for the other two screw holes at the ends of the acrylic supports. These are self tapping screws so you may choose to not predrill the holes, HOWEVER, they have been used and are not as sharp, so patience and a gentle but firm grip is required when self tapping. Move each end of the metal strip and attach.

Step 8  Now repeat this same process by using a lamp in the 6th, 9th and 12th position, so you end up with an acrylic support every 3 lamps. When you are done, replace all the lamps and the acrylic. Your tanning bed is now back to original specifications.

Last update to this document was 5/23/2006 by dlb

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