Technical Bulletin AS-2

Installing the 520N piston on select Alpha Sun Sunny tanning beds.

Certain models of the 2005 Alpha Sun Sunny and Alpha Sun Colors tanning beds have 520N pistons, rather than the usual 330N pistons.  These stronger pistons will provide a longer life, but must be installed somewhat differently than shown in the owners manual for the bed to close properly.

The all steel hinges on all Alpha Sun beds have a row of holes for mounting the "ball stud".  Normally, you would mount the ball stud in the center hole, and this would allow you to move it forward as the piston aged.  The models that shipped with 520N pistons MUST be mounted in the far back holes in order for the canopy of the tanning bed to close.  If your new Alpha Sun bed will not close properly, this is usually the reason.  The additional holes allow a greater amount of adjustment as the piston ages, and should provide well over 5 years of service.  See the image below for mounting.

As the piston ages, you can move the mounting ball forward to compensate.  The closer the ball is to the front of the bed, the "stronger" the piston will act.   If your Alpha Sun Sunny has the 0330N piston, you should install it near the center hole and not use the information found in this Technical Bulletin.

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